Your Guide To A Glowing Skin This Winter With These 5 Tips – Find Out

Snuggle season is here with the temperatures dipping and with the nip in the air, it is also time to show some extra love to your skin and keep it away from all the dryness. Our skin is prone to flakiness and chapping in these winter months because the cold air can strip any moisture off your skin. Not just that, but also heaters inducing artificial heat can add to the damage. It is imperative to maintain a moisture balance for a sun-kissed glow and give your skin some extra care during this time.

With these simple and easy tips, you can flaunt that winter glow and give your skin all the tender, love, and care it would need.

1. Overnight Hydration Masks

Overnight hydration masks are designs in a way that while you are taking a goodnight sleep, they work its magic to induce that extra dose of moisture and replenish the dryness. As opposed to sheet masks that are just 10 mins up on your skin, these overnight mask stay put through the night. Some of our favourites are definitely from Dot & Key and Plum Goodness that are natural, organic, and easy on the skin.

2. The Very Underrated Face Oils For Moisturizing

We can’t stress enough on this beauty saviour. Face oils are absolutely underrated and surrounded by tonnes of myths. Do not believe when they say that face oils are not for acne prone skin. Certain face oils too have ingredients like retinol which act as an anti-inflammable for acne. Face oils will moisturize your skin and keep the toxins out. We love BioOil


3. Water, Water & More Water

A factor that cannot be ignored all year round. Drinking enough water will give you instant results when you are trying to retain that glow. Root7 India’s triple insulated bottles will be your perfect companion because if the water seems to cold for you to drink, these stainless steel hot & cold water bottles will keep your water and other beverages warm for 20 hours. So we definitely aren’t taking no for an answer with this one.


4. Do not skip on SPF

No matter the weather, no matter the season, SPF has to be the most integral part of your skin care routine during the day. No matter how cold or windy it is outside, the sun can still do immense damage to your beautiful skin. No matter how unnecessary you may feel it is, but SPF is one of the most crucial elements of a skincare routine all 12 months a year. You can opt for Biotique’s ultra soothing lotion or MCaffiene’s Sea Ferns sunscreen for a dewy finish.

5. Importance of Hyaluronic Acid

The main function of hyaluronic is to maintain the moisture in the tissue and keep it lubricated. The use of Hyaluronic acid will make your skin more supple under the pricking air. It retains the water in your skin and binds together to have a more hydrating effect. An absolute essential in these cold winter months. Some good options are Neutrogena and The Super light Moisture gel by Ponds.