Small choices, big differences!

Tired of seeing all this plastic waste around you? It’s time we take charge about OUR FUTURE!

India generates close to 26000 tonnes of plastic a day. Worse, a little over 10000 tonnes a day of plastic waste remains uncollected. Yes, enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the Earth four times and way too little is recycled and it takes about 450 years to decompose a single-use plastic bottle.

So why not switch to sustainable options for your own and your loved one’s good. Don’t think that your contribution is too small to bring the change. By switching to re-usable water bottle you’ll save the earth by c. 1460 plastic bottles per year.

We are with you in this journey. We support and want to contribute as much as possible for this cause. For every bottle you buy we plant one tree for it. We do this through Eden Reforestation Projects who employ local villagers to plant trees in areas devastated by the effects of deforestation.

To date, Eden Reforestation Projects has planted over 239 million trees at 82 project sites in Haiti, Nepal, Madagascar, Indonesia and Mozambique. By employing local villagers to plant trees, the forests are able to regenerate, and support and nourish the local community once again, thus restoring the cycle of interdependence.

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