6 Road trip Essentials For Your End Of Year Holiday – Read

As this crazy year of 2020 comes to an end, it is time to reward yourself for a quick getaway. The breeze in the air and an open road, there is nothing more wholesome and welcoming than that. Driving into the endless roads can give you one of the most exhilarating and empowering experience. However, a road trip can go completely kaput if not planned or packed well with all essentials.

Here is a list of all your 6 must-have road trip essentials.

1. Car Care

You possible cannot embark on a car journey without all your necessary car papers and documentation. You definitely don’t want to get caught on any check points and spend hours getting out of the situation. Not just that, a possibility of a car breakdown in endless so always be prepared with an emergency care kit with spare tyres and bolts.

2. First-Aid Kit

This one is a no brainer. A first-aid kit is a must-have because an injury can come unannounced. Especially if you are driving for long hours, a relief spray can work wonders for sore legs. Always a good idea to keep some pills handy if things go awry.

3. Water & Lots of Water

Keep yourself well hydrated at all times. But when you are on the go and driving for long hours, there is no harm to sip some extra water or any beverage of your choice that keeps you away from dehydration. Root7India will be your perfect road trip buddy because you can pour in right from a hot cup of coffee or even a cold brew on the go which will stay hot for up to 20 hours and cold for up to 30 hours. With chic designs and colours of these stainless-steel bottles, these bottles will also make for a fashion accessory – Double Whammy!

4. Baby Wipes & Deodorants

A sweaty you definitely doesn’t want to be a mood-kill. Having wet wipes and deo handy while driving is on the A game of maintaining hygiene on the go. It will also keep you cool and fresh as you soak in the surreal air outside. 

5. A playlist for the vagabond in you

A road trip or any journey for that matter is incomplete without a transcendental playlist and some upbeat songs. Keep your music saved or downloaded beforehand and commence on a journey of a lifetime with your favourite soulful tracks.

 6. A Camera to capture all memories

Yes, we are all for living in the moment but sometimes it is okay to snap out of it and capture some beautiful sights that will become a lifelong memory. It is an amazing feeling to look back at these pictures that give you a sense of empowerment, something that you can call your own.

So start planning for a journey of a lifetime.