Pantone Announces The Colour Of 2021 - These Bottles Will Make A Perfect Match - Find Out

Pantone, a US-based company, recently announced the Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow as the official colors of 2021. A combination of two contrasting colors, this symbolizes deeper feelings of thoughtfulness with the hope of something friendly and bright. Pantone’s Color of the year influences and paves way for future product designs, travelling and art collections, film production, home decor, product packaging and graphic designs.

The color yellow signifies happiness, warmth, friendliness and positivity. Whereas the color gray symbolizes wisdom, balance, authority and neutrality. Together, they encourage us to respect knowledge, experience and press us towards innovation and creativity. It’s a perfect duo which indicates that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Being updated with the current trends, Root7 has a perfect accessory – the Banana Split stainless steel bottle- an illuminating, bright, glowing yellow bottle. Add vibrancy and positivity to your new year by buying yours now!

 And if you are not a fan of yellow, don’t worry! We have you covered with our silver sparkle bottle which gives a grey, solemn look. These hot & cold water bottles won’t just make up for an ideal 2021-colour accessory but is also reusable, eco-friendly and curated of Grade A steel! 

A fashionable, sustainable option- welcome this new year by not just following the Pantone Color of the Year but by also doing your bit to save our planet from the shackles of Global Warming. Keep yourself hydrated and enter 2021 with good vibes, gratitude and humbleness.