Here Are 6 Resolutions For A Healthy You. Find Out

2020 restricted majority of us within the four walls of our homes. With almost no physical activity, productivity; this year lacked the motivation and excitement for many of us. One main lesson that we learnt was to not take our health for granted. Here are 6 resolutions that you can easily abide by for the much awaited new year- 2021.

1) Practice yoga / meditation

Yoga is a way of life. Practicing meditation not just releases stress and anxiety but also increases the functionality of organs, increases concentration and makes us more flexible. This can be an amazing resolution to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

2) Sit Less and Move More

No matter what you do, you should keep getting up and give your body some movement. A way to ensure that you follow this is by switching to a multi-functional Root7 India stainless steel bottle which you can carry to your workplace. Re-filling it will enable you to get up and give your otherwise monotonous working hours, some movement.

3) Keep yourself hydrated

It is very important to keep yourself hydrated. Being hydrated helps in regulating body temperatures, prevents infections, improves sleep quality and helps in the overall smooth functioning of the body. By using Root7India stainless steel hot & cold water bottles, you can keep your beverage hot for 20hrs and cold for 30hrs thus drinking it the way you like it.

4) Create a sustainable diet

Having a sustainable, whole food diet can also improve overall health. Whole foods, including fruits, nuts, seeds, fish contain a plethora of nutrients which are super useful for our body. Adding more cooked and raw vegetables can protect oneself from various illnesses such as diabetes and obesity. One should also lessen the intake of fast food and sugary beverages.

5) Exercising daily

One of the most important ways to keep your body active, flexible and maintained is to exercise. Exercising even for a few minutes daily can increase your productivity and ensure well-functioning of the joints. Resolutions of going for a half-hour walk daily, skipping, running, jogging or to start playing an outdoor sport can bring back the activeness in life once again. 

6) Limit screen time

The dawn of concepts like work from home, school/college from home paved way to the immense increase in screen time. Most of us resorted to gadgets and tablets to pass our days not knowing how much it affected our eyes. This 2021, cut back on the time you spend scrolling through social media, watching TV series or playing video games. This will increase your productivity and sleep hygiene too.

We need to make certain changes in order to live a healthy life and there is no better time to start than NOW. Start this new year on a fresh, healthy note and ensure you keep motivating yourself to follow it throughout.