Want To Save The Environment? Here are 5 SIMPLE WAYS

Since time immemorial, we have been exploiting Earth’s natural resources to satisfy our selfish needs. It’s time for a change. A change in our mindset wherein all of us have to do our bit for protecting our environment from the shackles of global warming and climate change. Here are 5 simple ways in which you can contribute to help the environment and be a more responsible citizen.  


The 3 Rs should be your mantra. Those bulks of newspaper bundles lying at home? Send them for recycling. Reuse the shopping bags and try to limit as much plastic, as possible. 

Carpool it wherever possible:

The smoke coming out of vehicles is one of the main reasons for air pollution. One should try to use private vehicles as little as possible and switch to public mode of transport. Whenever possible, carpooling is also a great option as it not just helps the environment but also saves down on cost.

Avoid fast fashion:

Weekly changes in trend is resulting into a lot of wastages and pollution caused due to rapid production. A piece of clothing which can be worn several times is being worn once and thrown away. Let’s try to avoid this careless wastage and be a more responsible by fully utilizing these limited resources.

Say NO to plastic bags/ plastic bottles:

The simplest way to help the environment is to say no to plastic and use substitutes wherever necessary. Carry cloth bags or paper bags in place of plastic when you go shopping. Switch to reusable, stainless steel water bottles in place of plastic bottles. Our Root7 stainless steel bottles are a perfect choice. They are not just sustainable but also chic and stylish.


Volunteer for cleanups, newspaper drives, awareness campaigns in your community. The more you spread the world, the more people will join us in our fight and the closer we will be from saving our planet from dying.

These simple yet effective changes in your lifestyle can help the environment in a big way. No change is small. The change starts from you and it starts now.