Own A Stainless Steel Bottle But Confused How To Clean? We Tell you How

No doubt, reusable bottles are safer and better for the environment but plastic bottles are more convenient as it can be cleaned easily or just disposed of to buy a new one. However, for how long can we be selfish and look at our convenience rather than looking at the bigger picture and helping the environment. A stainless steel water bottle can be used for years if cleaned rightly thus saving on a lot of wastage and cost. Here are few methods you can use to effectively clean your reusable bottles so that you can avail its benefits for a longer period of time:

1) For everyday use, fill the bottle with lukewarm water and use a pinch of dishwasher soap. Rinse bottle thoroughly with the liquid. Be sure to clean the cap and the lip of the bottle too.

2) If you are getting a pungent smell or if the bottle has been neglected for too long, it is time for a more thorough cleaning. Add a little bleach in the bottle and fill it with water. Leave the bottle like this overnight. The next day, wash the bottle thoroughly and you are good to go!

3)Incase, you decide not to use bleach, vinegar will work fine too! Fill the bottle halfway with vinegar and then add water. Let the mixture sit overnight and rinse it thoroughly the next morning.

4)An other alternative is to just add water bottle cleaning tablets and then rinse it thoroughly. It is said that the tablets remove the odor and kill the germs.

5)Last but not the least, don’t forget to clean the cap, the neck and the lip of the bottle. It is important to clean those too as they directly come in contact with others.

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