Did You Know The Positive Impact Of A Stainless Steel Bottle On Global Warming? Find Out

Most of us are well versed with how harmful plastic is for our environment. Cutting down on careless usage of plastic seems to be an easy solution however we are quite accustomed to using it for every small thing. We need to have more will power and say no to plastic forever as our planet is in dire need of help and only we can provide that. The best and the simplest way to move forward to a sustainable future is to switch to a stainless steel bottle and say adios to plastic bottles.

More than 60% of plastic is not recycled, resulting into tons of landfills and pollution. However, how will a stainless steel bottle help?

For Water Bodies:

The tons of plastic bottles which were thrown in rivers and oceans would end up getting collected forming a ‘Garbage Patch’ endangering marine life. Stainless steel bottle will cut this down as approx. for every 30 plastic bottles at least, there will be 1 steel bottle. Not just that, Root7 stainless steel bottles are BPA free which will prevent release of harmful toxins into the water bodies.

For Earth:

Tons and tons of plastic which are not sent for recycling end up in landfill where they sit for nearly 700 years before getting decomposed. This affects the quality and the condition of the soil, thus leaving acres of lands barren and useless.

For Air:

When plastic is burnt, several harmful chemical substances are released into the air. This severely affects the quality of air we breathe resulting into various respiratory and breathing problems. Stainless steel bottle won’t leach out such toxins into the air.

Single-use plastic is the biggest contributor to pollution and to avoid more problems in the future, we need to shift our habits towards other eco-friendly alternatives. Switching to a stainless thermos bottle is a viable option as it is not just feasible but also affordable considering one bottle can last you for years. Think about it, do you want to help the planet for a better future or destroy our planet for momentarily selfish needs.