Did You Know THIS Is How You Can Start Your Day With A Healthy Morning Routine

It is extremely important to start off your day feeling positive and healthy. A negative mindset in the morning can affect you emotionally, mentally and physically. To be motivated and productive throughout the day, a good morning routine is essential. To help you start off your day as bright as possible, we have listed 5 important ways in which you can improve your morning routine:

Do not check your socials the first thing in the morning

It has become a reflex action to search for your phone and check your notifications. However, if you do this as soon as you wake up you are straining your eyes and not giving your body enough time to relax and process the surroundings. It can affect the quality of your day as your mind is already occupied with the first that you see in the morning, i.e your phone.

Drink lots of water

It is extremely important to start off your day by drinking lots of water as this will cleanse your body of any toxicity. Your body is always working, even when you are asleep. Just like how a car needs fuel to run, our body needs water to function. Be hydrated by keeping our useful Root7 stainless steel bottle on your bedside table. Its sure to attract your attention and remind you to drink water.


Before you start your day, it is important to have a clear head void of any distraction and stress. To relax and train your mind to focus, it is important to meditate. Meditation will calm your mind and will help you organize your thoughts by having a clearer vision of what you want,


Exercising is one of the best way to start off your day. Exercising will not only help your joints and muscles to warm up for the day, but will also help your mind to be active and productive. Exercising daily is a great way to remain fit and healthy.


Journaling your thoughts and visions for what you want to accomplish in the day is the best way to keep you motivated. Writing down your goals will give your mind a direction and will help you set your priorities. You will have a clearer vision of what you want to achieve and how you will have to manage your day accordingly. This method will help you manage your time efficiently.

Making important decisions before sleeping has also been proven effective in starting your day healthy and motivated. Give the first hour of the morning to yourself and see the changes it brings to your both- personal and work life.