Did You Know THESE Are The Amazing Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Drinking water in sufficient quantity has various benefits- from skincare to good digestion. However, the temperature at which one drinks also plays a critical role. Over the years, from Ayurveda to ancient Chinese medicine, practitioners have encouraged us to drink warm water by stating the benefits of it. People in Japan have been following the ritual of ‘Water Cure’ which entails one to drink 4 glasses of warm water in the morning (even before brushing).

Here are a few benefits of drinking hot water:


Drinking warm water increases blood circulation in body which decreases risk of heart diseases and helps in improving blood pressure.

Helps in Digestion

Warm water helps in the breakdown of food substances and aids digestion. It also stimulates better liver and kidney functions.

Prevents bloating

Hot water consumption in the morning helps in weight loss. It maintains the body temperature and helps the body to combat against fluctuating temperature. It stimulates metabolism and helps in getting rid of excessive water via contraction of bowels thus preventing bloating.

Muscle Relief

Hot water relieves one from painful cramps and muscle pain as it helps in blood circulation. It increases blood supply thus relaxing the muscles. It also relieves the pain from menstrual cramps.

Helps in glowing and clearer skin

Hot water helps in detoxification. It raises the body’s temperature which helps in releasing toxins which aids in curing acne and unclogged pores giving a glowing and a clearer skin.

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