5 Reasons To Invest In A Sustainable Stainless Steel Bottle

Have you ever felt like changing your old plastic bottle to something more stylish, functional and eco-friendly? Something that would last longer and is worth the penny? All of us have begun to realize the adverse effects of single use plastic and hence the time to act is now!

Small changes in our everyday lives would make that difference. The first step in the right direction would be to switch to a smarter option and investing in a stainless steel bottle.

Here are your 5 big reasons to make the switch now.

Triple Layered Water Bottle: These bottles are durable and made of high-grade stainless steel. It has an inner thin copper layer for better temperature retention.

Hot Cold Water Bottle: A super cool feature of this insulated water bottle is that it can keep your beverages at their desired temperature - cold for upto 30 hours and hot for upto 20 hours.

Leak-Free Steel Water Bottle: The thermos water bottle has a tight bottle cap which does not let the beverage leak at any cost. Along with that, it has a condensation-free exterior. So fret not about the issue of water droplets on the drinking water bottle.

Eco-friendly and BPA-free: With every purchase of the bottle, Root7 India plants a tree for a happier, healthier and cleaner tomorrow. As a brand, we are environment- conscious and believe we all are caretakers of the planet.

Stylish and Multifunctional: With two variations in size, 500ml and 750ml these unique bottles come in various prints and colours. With a range of 23 bottles, the world is your oyster to choose from.  

As a brand, today we are trying to make an impact in our own little way by raising awareness about the problem of plastic pollution along with the importance of sustainability and that water is the number 1 nutrient.