Click To Read This One-Stop Selfcare Guide For 2021

Its always a good idea to begin every year on a positive note. Leaving behind the pains and sorrows of yesterday, it is time to embark on a new journey. But after one heck of a year, it is important to give yourself all the love and care and put yourself first before anyone else. It is time to make 2021 all about you. It is time to venture in selflove more than ever. Here is your one-stop guide to 6 easy selfcare hacks.


Meditation is a process of redirecting your thoughts and training your mind to maintain focus. It is a practice to be more self-aware and aware of your surroundings. It is one of the greatest ways to reduce stress and increase concentration. So make meditation a part of your everyday routine for happy healthy outlook towards life.

Healthy work-routine

We know that when working from home you can end-up burning the midnight oil for days and days. Being overworked should no longer be glorified or be touted as a sign of hustle that sets wrong expectations. Maintain a healthy work routine with adequate breaks in between to avoid a burn out. Taking 5 minutes break for a power nap or refilling your stainless steel bottle for better hydration will help you keep your mind alert.


Water is the key to an extremely healthy lifestyle and vital selfcare component.  It is very important to keep yourself hydrated. Being hydrated helps in regulating body temperatures, prevents infections, improves sleep quality and helps in the overall smooth functioning of the body. By using Root7India stainless steel hot & cold water bottles, you can keep your beverage hot for 20hrs and cold for 30hrs thus drinking it the way you like it and these bottles are extremely fashionable too!

Gratitude Journaling

Gratitude Journaling helps you develop a positive outlook in life because it teaches us how to be thankful for the smallest of things. Gratitude journaling is a popular practice to record and reflect on your thoughts and things that you are grateful on a regular basis. In simpler words, the idea is to count your blessings.

Clean Eat

After binging over the holiday season, it is time to rework on the diet. Create a balanced sustainable diet comprising of whole foods that will also improve your overall health. Whole foods, including fruits, nuts, seeds, fish contain a plethora of nutrients which are super useful for our body. Adding more cooked and raw vegetables can protect oneself from various illnesses such as diabetes and obesity. One should also lessen the intake of fast food and sugary beverages.