5 Tips To Get Back In Shape After The Holidays - Read Now

It is the year-end and time to give yourself a treat for enduring the year that was 2020. Year-end holidays are known for self-indulge, for introspection, for everything that you have battled through the year and time for new beginnings. It is time to dive into guilty pleasures with Christmas meals and the motivation to workout is low. But once the holiday fever is over, reality hits and it is time to buckle up and get back in shape. Time to now work towards that summer body.

With these 5 simple tricks your road to getting in shape will never be task.

1. Take Care Of Your Diet

A no-brainer, after the immense load of goodness that you’ve consumed and all the junk that you may have indulged in, it is time to take care of your diet. Eat in moderation and maintain a balanced diet. Avoid eating out and focus on the nutrients and foods that are rich in protein. As you work-out to get rid of the excess weight, it is important to have an adequate protein intake for good muscle recovery.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day. Water doesn’t just rehydrate you. It also makes things easier for your digestive system. Water helps your system function at its best and is the number 1 nutrient in your body. No need for detox juices as well as water itself is best to flush out the toxins. Drinking water can also be fun especially when you are sipping from Root7 India’s triple insulated stainless steel bottles. Be it warm water or chilled ice, these hot and cold water bottles will keep it warm for 20 hours and cold for 30 hours.

3. Stick To A Regular Sleep Cycle

Getting adequate is also a key component for a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. Sleep early get a goodnights sleep for an extra few hours but don’t stay up too late or wake up too late until noon on the weekends. Your body needs a regular rythm.

4. Workout Slow & Steady

Don’t jump head first into a comprehensive workout routine. Take it slow few reps at a time because you don’t want a muscle strain or sore body that needs weeks of recovery. Be it burpees or yoga or Pilates or any form of exercise, always remember that slow and steady wins the race so for fruitful results choose your own pace.

5. Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Don’t beat yourself up about what you should have done differently over your Christmas vacay, or feel guilty about indulging during the holidays. Establish some good habits now as you embark on new journey in this new year and focus on the present.