The Perfect Getaway Essentials You’ll Ever Need!

Skincare, lifestyle, travel or food, these smart picks are what you need for sorted getaways.

Gone are the days when stepping out even for a day meant packing almost everything you owned. This might sound a little extra but we all have been guilty of packing a lot of things even when they weren’t needed or in fact, ever used. Some of us still have this habit of carrying extra things on our travels, vacations or even a one-day trip. It just increases the baggage that you are carrying and decreases the fun you can have without your hands full with the unnecessary stuff. 

To cancel out this habit and to empower you to own smart essentials, we made this list of the ultimate getaway picks that are not just handy and functional but also look super trendy to use and flaunt. 

1. Skincare Saviours: Be it your gym sessions, a swim class with your BFFs, a day out with your family or a hiking trip with your partner, you can skip carrying multiple skincare products and carry versatile, multi-faceted skincare that does more than just one thing. 

If you get your hands on an all-in-one skincare product that literally just gives you varied benefits, there’s nothing like it. Isn’t it awesome if you can shun the need to carry a sunscreen, serum and lotion separately and just carry one product that has all these features? We bet you will never say no to it! D’you Hustle - Sublime Life is one such Holy Grail pick which is the best solution for all your skin woes. It not just hydrates and moisturises your skin but also effectively brightens, rejuvenates and enhances its texture, all while strengthening your skin barrier.

We cannot talk enough of the Sioris Falling Into The Rose Mist - Sublime Life, a few spritzes of which absorb excess oil, strengthen your skin and liven up dull, dehydrated skin - Nothing compares with this refreshing mist that is a dream to own if you are on a getaway.  

Another superstar skincare set that you need in your travel stash is the Natural Vibes Jet. Set. Go Travel Kit - Sublime Life - your one step solution to travelling light without having to compromise on your personal hygiene. This all purpose combo boasts of a brightening face wash, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and a moisturising lotion - all packed so compactly that you wouldn’t want to miss carrying this set along. It’s a treat for travel lovers. 

2. Travel Cups & Bottles: Don’t forget that hydration is the key for having and enjoying a perfect getaway! But did you know that you don’t need to carry a bulky water bottle every time you step out to have some fun? With smart, sustainable and planet-friendly bottles and travel-cups by Root7, you can bid farewell to single use plastic bottles and ditch harming the environment. These insulated water bottles are going to be your absolute favourite as they keep your favourite beverages hot for 20 hours and cold for 30 hours, making every sip a fabulous experience. These bottles and travel cups are vacuum insulated, leak-free, BPA-free and reusable. Plus, you have a big bonus! They are the chicest and trendiest of all! 

Be it a day at the beach, while hitting the gym, for your kids day out, for your commute or a vacation - these smart essentials are the new ‘in-thing’ but mind you, they’re here to stay!

3. Smart Food Pots: Ever missed your favourite meal while on a vacation or a trip? Suddenly started craving for a home-cooked meal after a hike but had to settle for restaurant food? Bored of the same old tiffin box that just gets your food cold and never enjoyable on time? You have to experience the Root 7 food pots already! The double layered insulation keeps your food fresh for upto 12 hours. Being leak-proof, the food pots allow stress-free carrying during a busy commute. They’re super portable so that they can be your most favourite companion on an adventurous trek, a day out at the beach or a usual day at work.

4. Getaway Glam Picks: With your skincare, hydration and food sorted, you don’t have to miss a chance at looking gorgeous. Multi-purpose makeup palettes such as the Gush Beauty Face Palettes - Sublime Life boast of a twist & stack portable packaging with a bronzer, contour and blush and a tiny, functional mirror to help you create endless looks within minutes. So no need to carry your makeup stash everywhere. Just throw in your favourite makeup palette and you’re good to go.

Another VIP for your getaways and glam is the Ilana Beet Tint - Sublime Life, which gives your face and lips a gorgeous flush of natural colour in a jiff! All you gotta do is swipe it on your cheeks or lips and blend it in. Voila! No more hassle of carrying lipsticks, tints or blushes as three different products!

5. Handy Haircare: Along with you being fit physically and mentally for a smooth getaway, your hair needs to be fit too! Temperatures, pollution, dust and humidity outside can wreak damage to your hair and spoil the perfect day so take care of your mane. Kehairtherapy The Fit Hair Serum - Sublime Life is just the best as it recharges your hair and keeps it nourished and conditioned. You can also keep the Manetain Oh So Cool! Co-wash - Sublime Life in tow. It gently cleanses your scalp and doubles up as a leave-in conditioner to keep your tresses happy, healthy and devoid of any frizz and damage.

With our top list of getaway essentials that are a raging hit among many already, you too can get all your travels or short adventure trips covered. Besides being compact, easy to use, ultra-trendy and smart, these flawless picks also do good to the environment unlike the damage caused by single use plastic packaged bottles and cups, and packaging from cosmetics. 

                                                              - Team Sublime Life X Root7