4 Tips to Reduce Plastic Consumption in your daily life:
1. Use reusable shopping bags

    Does your grocery haul come with a lot of plastic bags that eventually end up in the trash?

    It might be just the right time to invest in some alternatives that are good for you and for the planet too.

    Plastic bags have impacted our environment in severe ways to an extent that a number of states in India have imposed bans on single-use plastic bags. Several other states have focused on implementing more effective recycling programs.

    Switch to eco-friendly and sustainable bags that you can use again and again. Reusable bags from Ecoright are made using materials like organic cotton, recycled plastic and recycled cotton which are the best possible alternatives for our planet. They have the cutest and trendiest bags which are made using natural, organic and recycled fabrics. If you often buy loose fruits and vegetables, you can always carry stylish and sleek Tote Bags by Eco right. This will reduce your consumption of single use plastic and at the same time make you look elegant and stylish even for your grocery runs!

    2. Ditch disposable Serveware

      Is your trash bin always filled with plastic serveware, cups, straws, and dishes?

      If yes, then you’re not only adding on to the plastic in the landfills and waterways but throwing your money away with it.

      Plastic disposables have been used for years as the supreme convenience tool.

      The popularity of plastic disposables went up rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Till August 2021, there was approximately 8.4 million tons of pandemic-related plastic waste produce.

      This was because a lot of businesses turned to disposables to avoid contamination from reusable utensils, eating outside resulted in way more plastic waste than it had before.

      Instead of purchasing single-use serve ware, invest in reusable cups, dishes & straws that can be washed and used time and again.

      When eating out, pack a fork and a reusable straw in your bag. For coffee on the go, carry a reusable travel cup to avoid using single use plastic cups. We at Root7  have triple insulated travel cups to keep the temperature and taste of your beverages intact.

      3. Green up your beauty routine

        Coming to your beauty routine, how much plastic is lying in your drawers, wardrobe, on your bathroom counter, or in your shower?

        Swap plastic soap and shampoo bottles for bars that come wrapped in paper. And, when you are on your period, you might want to skip the pads or tampons and switch to a reusable menstrual cup instead. Not only do these swaps save our planet, but they also help you with money and space savings.

        The zero-waste and sustainable living movements have been building momentum recently and have brought with them a wave of more sustainable and eco-friendly beauty and hygiene products. Supporting this movement is brand-Sublime Life with their #SublimeRecycles Program where anyone can send their old plastic empties and to recycle or upcycle. 

        4. Carry your own bottle

          In case you’re getting your eight glasses a day from plastic bottles, your hydration habit — while good for you — could be harmful for the environment.

          On one hand while bottled water can be a lifeline for people who otherwise don’t have access to safe water due to disaster, or other circumstances, on the other hand it has become an everyday consumable for most of the people that poses environmental risks.

          Water bottles in plastic is not good for our bodies, either. With 70 million disposable water bottles being used and thrown each day, microplastics are continuously filling up landfills and waterways making it difficult for the aquatic species to survive.

          From manufacturing and shipping to the cost of waste, bottled water comes with an environmental price. Switch to a reusable bottle that’s fun and easy to carry with you wherever you go. Root7bottles  will easily fit in your car or bike cup holder, it closes tight to prevent leaks, and is triple insulated to keep the temperature and taste of your beverages retained.


          Pro-Tip: Always Make Choices that are good for you and the environment too:)