5 Ways To Hydrate Your Skin This Monsoon

Monsoons are here and it’s time to give your skin that extra care to combat those skin issues. Be it any skin type-oily, dry or normal, we have to agree that we all face numerous problems related to dryness, irritation, and rashes all thanks to the increased humidity levels and climate changes.

The first step in taking care of the skin is to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and to free your skin from any kind of dampness in order to keep it clear and glowing. Follow these few easy and effective steps to develop your perfect skincare routine even when enjoying those rains to the fullest.

5 Ways To Hydrate Your Skin This Monsoon:

Cleanse Your Skin Correctly:

Make sure to clean your face with plain water thrice a day at the very least in order to remove those excessive oils that end up clogging the pores of your skin. Assess your skin type well and choose the right moisturizer with the correct PH balance. 

Use Products that Hydrate:

If you have oily skin, you should use water-based moisturizers, body wash, and sunscreen to keep your oil secretion in control. If you are one with dry skin, go for products for that extra hydration. You can go for all-around skincare with Chocolate & Coffee! The Beauty Co. has come up with a Chocolate Coffee Combo for Skin Revitalizing which will distress your skin & senses making them feel energetic once again.

Wear that Sunscreen:

If you think you don’t need sunscreen on a cloudy day, you are badly mistaken. Cloudy days also cannot stop the sun from emitting UV rays and they will still harm your skin. Use sunscreen with an apt SPF that suits your skin and is required for the climate where you live. We recommend the nature-infused sunscreen by The Beauty Co which is in fact a powerful sunblock made from the extracts of essential oils & vitamins for deep skin hydration. It also comprises stimulating properties that help to prevent sun damage and wrinkles.

Hydrate From Within:

By the way of eating fresh fruits and vegetables which are high in water content will help to keep your skin supple for longer hours, even on the days with high humidity levels. Include fruits and vegetables like oranges, tomatoes, watermelons, cucumber, and zucchini for being hydrated inside out. Be sure to add some Vitamin C, and Zinc to your diet as well so as to ensure healthy levels of collagen and elastin. You might not feel as thirsty in monsoons because of the higher humidity levels, but your body still needs that hydration. The easiest way to ensure that you get that water in is by keeping your Root7 bottle super handy and taking it along everywhere you go! Make it your BFF and you will never forget to hydrate.

Go Natural:

Natural remedies work wonders in healing skin problems that develop during the monsoons. You can use ingredients that are readily available at home on your skin to get that dewy and glowing skin. If you want to tone up normal to dry skin – make use of papaya, for oily -acne-prone skin you can use Multani Mitti, and oatmeal. If you wish to fade away pigmentation in the skin, consider aloe vera as your holy grail.

Lastly, if you don’t consume enough water, your body will not be hydrated enough so eventually, your skin will also be dehydrated. But we have the perfect Combo to make sure your body, as well as your skin, is always hydrated and glowing. Root7 and The Beauty Co are here to take care of your hydration needs!