Did You Know These Unique Accessories Can Instantly Give You A Style Upgrade. Find Out

Every now and then, your wardrobe NEEDS a style-upgrade. To catch up with the latest trends and to look fashionable without putting extra effort? Yes! That’s our aim. Here are 5 must-have accessories to accentuate your otherwise boring outfit to a stylish one!

1) Hair Accessories

Bob pins, scrunchies, bandanas, hair bands and hair scarves are simple yet trend statements. If your hair looks put together, you look put together and that’s a fashion truth. It will give you a ‘cool’ look and even a basic outfit will upgrade to a cute one. We love these cute picks from Odd Giraffe.

2) Decorative Socks

Ditch your plain, boring socks for printed ones. And no they don’t look childish but actually quite the opposite. Wearing glittery socks with a white-tee and denims will instantly lift up your outfit. Socks, in themselves are a style piece and instead of hiding them from the world, it’s time to make it trendy and stylish. From pizza-printed socks to uncoordinated-colored socks; there is a plethora of options for you to choose from. Head to Soxy Toes for more. 

3) Hoop Earrings

Not a fan of changing earrings every time you wear a different outfit? Well, no need to worry as we have you covered. Hoop earrings are the most basic earrings which you must-have as it literally goes with every outfit from dresses to denims. The best part is that it will never go out of fashion nor will it ever look cheap.

4) Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces will give a sophisticated and a subtle upgrade to your outfit. A gold layered necklace will go with every outfit so you don’t have to think twice before putting it on! Tipsyfly indeed has a fly collection!


Want to hide from public and still look fashionable? Wearing sunglasses is your best bet! It won’t just elevate your outfit but will also give you more confidence.

 However, the best style upgrade would be to ditch plastic bottles and shift to Root7 stainless steel water bottles! Its chic and stylish exterior is corrosion-resistant. It can keep any beverage hot for 20hrs and cold for 30hrs. Tilt towards a more sustainable lifestyle for a better future.

We hope you immediately add these must-have accessories to your closet for a style-upgrade without actually changing your clothing style!