Having Vacation Withdrawals? Get Back To The Grind With These Quick Tips

For most of us, 2020 was the biggest break of our lives. It felt like we had just pressed the ‘pause’ button for a long time. Now that things are getting back to normal with people returning to work, starting fresh at office might suddenly prove to be demotivating, tiring and out of comfort zone. It might get challenging to adjust back to the previous style of living. However, here a few points which might help you get back on grind after such an unexpected year

1) Wake up early

Our sleep schedule has gravely been impacted. One thing that will bring back discipline in your routine would be to wake up early and start your day as early possible. This will improve your time management as you will have more time in your hand. This will also help you to stay fresh and active.

2) Prioritize your day

Before going to bed, prioritize your next day. Make a ‘to-do’ list so that you can plan your day out. By doing this, your mind will not be all over the place. Moreover, you will be able to balance your personal and work life together.

3) Watch inspirational videos/podcasts/Ted Talks

Watching inspirational videos, listening to podcasts or attending meetings of successful people are few ways to ignite the determination in you. Every work requires 100% dedication and perseverance. Watching influential people rise from the bottom to the top can motivate you to be one of them.

4) Do not over-stress

Do not burden yourself to the point where you burn out and are forced to take another break. That will just stress you out more. Take one thing at a time instead of handing multiple projects.

5) Do not compromise on sleep

 Sufficient sleep is necessary for a productive day. Try to sleep in early so that you get at least 7-8hrs of sleep.  Give your body time to recharge so that you can give your all the next day instead of yawning and consuming caffeine.

6) Follow a consistent morning routine

Plan a morning routine and stick to it. This will bring consistency in your day.  A great morning leads to a great day. From exercising to having breakfast, follow the same plan and see the change it brings in your work, mood and behavior.

7) Take care of your health

Last but not the least, its crucially important to take care of your health especially now when we are in midst of a pandemic. Follow a good diet and stay hydrated. Root7 stainless steel bottle are super chic and will always remind you to have water with its beautiful look.

We hope the following points help you get back to grind after a rather lazy period. Whether you work from home or office, it’s never too late to shift to a better and a more productive lifestyle.