Here's The Perfect Lazy Girl's Guide To Fashion This Summer

We often make plans and tend to forget about them until the last minute. We are lazily sprawled on the bed rethinking whether we should cancel the plan last minute or not. All this stress only because we are indecisive and unmotivated to get up and dress up to go outside. Here are few fashion tricks for all the ‘homebody’ people out there:

1) Make a Trend Statement

Whether it’s a trench coat, blazer, knee-length boots; these clothing items can change your look completely. Pairing your most basic top with a denim jacket can totally uplift your outfit and make a trend statement. If you wear a white tee with denim jeans and pair that with black high-length boots, your outfit will go from common to stylish real quick.

2) White Sneakers

White sneakers is a ‘one-for-all’ fashion essential. No matter how common it is, it will never go out of fashion. From dresses to jeans to jumpsuits; white sneakers coordinate well with any outfit. If you are lazy to remove time in finding matching pairs for your outfit, white sneakers would be a perfect choice.

 3) Subtle Jewelry

A little jewelry can make your otherwise boring outfit classy and sophisticated. For example, if you are wearing a solid colour tee, you might as well wear a necklace which complements your neckline. If you are wearing a dress, you can pair it up with earrings/hoops. These subtle changes can certainly glam up to your outfit.

4) Basics are the best

Being lazy means matching and deciding outfits the last minute. Sticking to basics is probably a smarter option to avoid clashing pairs. Its best to go for solid neutral colours like grey, white and black. You don’t want to think about which pattern goes with what right after waking up!

5) Know the style

No matter how lazy you are, you can’t show that to others especially when you have to go to work/university. Ensure you know your style. If you are wearing baggy pants, style them up with fitted top. Similarly, if you are wearing a baggy top, you can always wear leggings.

Our Root7 bottle with chic exteriors are sure to style up your outfit and set a bold statement. Our fashionable bottles are a perfect companion to all your ventures. We know it might get really irritating especially when someone who is uninterested and lazy has to dress up. However, it is better to look presentable not just to boost your self-confidence but also to make yourself active. You can’t always swaddle in a blanket! These 5 pointers will surely accentuate your style quotient and make you feel stylish and cool!