Here is how to get the most out of the long lockdown days!

Why do we need a routine? What is the secret to a good routine? How do I find time for family, working from home and myself?

Routines keep you from stumbling through your day and make sure you get the most important things done.

It is scientifically proven that when we have a set routine, we find ourselves less stressed, overwhelmed and more likely to reach our goals. In a time, full of change and uncertainty, creating an everyday routine with work from home produces a sense of stability in our life.

How to set a good routine?

Prioritize your goals and tasks to be done each day. Include time for smaller things that bring happiness to your life.

Things to include in your routine:

Morning routines help you get the work done and Evening routines can set the tone for the next day.

Credit yourself for the achievements of the day

Don’t forget to ask yourself: what good have I done today?

It is vital to give credit to small victories made throughout the day. Taking few moments to celebrate the wins make you feel motivated and prepped for a better next day.

Spend time with your family                                                          

Playing Mono deal with family

 Talking and spending time with your loved ones should never be underestimated. These are the most important moments of life which help you recover and rather than just being relaxed; we feel more loved and valued that helps us be more energized and focused the following day.


Eat healthy, hydrate and do a physical activity

Working out

This will keep your body active, healthy and the best version of yourself. You will feel more energized throughout the day. Add a physical activity you like, be it dancing or running which can make you really happy. Root 7 has the most trendy and chic insulated water bottle that lets you hydrate in style, always!


Plan your next day

Take a deep breath, cool yourself down with some water and make a plan of your agendas that not only helps you to complete those on time and also avoid the last moment stress. That is the last thing you want, more stress! Try to make it easier for yourself by making a to do list for the next day before sleeping. You’ll probably find that you wake up with great ideas related to the tasks that you hadn’t even considered!

Clear your head

After a stressful work day or other issues throughout the day, we might have too much going on in our head. Its super important to take care of our mental health everyday and specially during these testing times when we are likely to face sad news each day. We encourage you to meditate, read a book and do a brain dumb of your thoughts in a journal which can really make you feel lighter and more grateful at the end of the day.

Sleep well

Orangle Split water bottle while readingGood amount of sleep not only keeps you fresh throughout the day but, it’s absolutely essential for optimum performance. You don’t want to be drowsy and sleepy during a work call or while playing a game of Mono deal with your family! Don’t forget to drink enough water before sleeping in your Root7 steel water bottles which are the perfect sleep companions to keep you hydrated through the night.


And lastly don’t forget to make memories in the routine you set for yourself, those are the icing on the cake. And does a cake really look good without some frosty colorful icing? It is completely okay to bunk a day of work to just bake and have a little dessert party with your family. Or just dress up randomly, to feel more of yourself.