5 Unique Fathers Day Gifts Under Rupees 2199

Confused on how to make your father feel special this Father’s Day? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Your dad has always been there for you, so, this Father’s Day, express your gratitude and appreciation by making him feel special with a memorable gift. When it comes to gifting, no doubt, choosing a gift for Fathers is the toughest. Either they are super particular about their choices or they don't want anything. However, they are splendid with the smallest of efforts we put in for them. Here, we've rounded up an amazing list of gifting options for all types of dads and things they'll be able to use on a day-to-day basis:

Classic French Press: For Your Coffee Lover Dad

Is your father extremely particular about his morning coffee & loves to brew it himself? This French Press from Blue Tokai is just the perfect gift which will ensure a fresh & tranquil start to your father’s mornings everyday. It's made out of heat resistant, high quality glass & is dishwasher safe & break-free unlike the normal coffee presses. 



Buy From: Blue Tokai

Price: INR 2190

Signature Shaving Kit: For the Perfectionist Dad

Does your father love his beard & is very particular about it? This Signature Shaving Gift is the one for him. Plus, this kit is super handy and can be carried almost everywhere be it office, gym or travel. It is free from any harmful chemicals, & made of premium essential oils. Trust us, he'll appreciate you for the smooth experience! 

Buy From: The Man Company

Price: INR 1,799

Root7 bottle: For the dad who likes to keep it stylish but is conscious about his choices

Want to remind your Father to hydrate more frequently without actually telling him? Root7 has got you covered! We are the perfect mix of sustainability, functionality & style. Root7 bottles not only look super cool but also do good to the environment. Root7 bottles are BPA free, reusable & completely plastic free. The bottles have Triple Layered Protection to keep our beverages hot for 20 hours & cold for 30 hours along with temperature guarantee. For every bottle we sell, we plant a tree. This Father’s day, Gift a Root7 to your father & a tree to the environment.

Buy From: Root7 India

Price: INR 1999 for 750 ml

DIY Tool Kit: For The Dads Who Like To Fix Everything

If you have a father who doubles up as a mechanic when something in your house breaks, this is for him. Dads can sometimes be obsessed with nailing a screw to the wall to hang up some random frame or fix a bulb in the living room. So, if this seems a lot like your dad, this DIY tool kit is something he'll definitely love. The kit has got 108 tools and is very convenient to use.

Buy From: BLACK+DECKER on Amazon

Price: INR 1649

Anti-Slip Phone Holder: For Your Clumsy Dads

Is your dad almost always watching random videos on WhatsApp or Telegram? Or has your dad cracked his iPhone screen quite a few times thanks to his butterfingers? Well, then this is the gift he'll absolutely love and won’t ever stop using. This anti-slip phone holder will be a great help if your dad drives frequently, as it firmly holds your phone, car keys, wallet etc. It is very handy and will ensure no more broken screens.

Buy From: Geek Monkey

Price: INR 899