5 Essentials You Need When Travelling

Who doesn’t like to travel? Now that people have started travelling again, it is important to carry certain essentials that will surely help you look your best after long flights and busy days. Here are some beauty products you NEED to carry while travelling:

1) Cotton Pads

Whether it is for removing makeup, putting it in your ears, putting nail polish or applying ointment on your skin, cotton pads will be real saver. Its small and will hardly take any space in your travel bag. You never know when you might need one.

2) Sunscreen

Travelling=Long flights=Busy schedules=More exposure to sun=Tan and oily skin

One should carry sunscreen everywhere as longer exposure to sun can cause skin problems. We advise you to carry a 24SPF one which is beneficial for all weather types based on your skin type.

3) Under Eye Cream

No matter how long of a flight journey it is, it’s not as comfortable as your bed back home. This might result to dark under eyes making you look like someone who hasn’t slept in a week. Therefore, carrying an under eye cream can help you cover it up and make you ready instantly for an urgent meeting/commitment right from the airport.

4) Water Bottle

It’s time to ditch the use of plastic bottles and switch to reusable ones. Staying hydrated while travelling is super important as it won’t just keep you fresh and active but also help your body to function smoothly. Checkout our chic Root7 bottles which will perfectly match your airport look and will help you stop spending carelessly on normal bottles. It always to refill it than create more plastic wastage.  

5) Dry Shampoo

When it comes to hair care, dry shampoo is your go-to option. Long traveling hours can damage your hair and most of the times it’s not feasible enough to take a head bath. That’s where dry shampoo comes into picture. It does the job of a normal shampoo but requires no water making it convenient and easy to use.

Go from 0 to 10 real quick with the above list of essentials! We hope the above items make your travelling experience a bit better. No matter where you go, these products will definitely make your life easier. Recommend this to all the travelling-lovers out there!