Don't Let The Deadly Second Wave Affect Your Mental Health - Coping Tips

The second wave of the deadly covid-19 pandemic has taken the country with a storm. It is important in these times to keep your mental health in check. The news and all the information regarding the virus can be absolutely overwhelming. Whilst it is important to be compassionate and empathize with everything that is happening around you. It is vital to first keep your own mental health in check!

Here a some tips that can help you cope in these tumultuous times:

1) Take Deep Breaths

Simply inhale and exhale deep breaths. Focus on your breathing and keep a clear mind for few minutes. This will help you calm yourself down and help you cut you off for a few minutes with everything that is happening around. Take some time to reflect and be more self-aware.

2) Keep Yourself Hydrated

Dehydration plays an active part in making you feel depressed. Drink some water at all times and keep yourself hydrated enough. This will curb the uneasiness and help you feel refreshed. With Root7 India's Stainless Steel Bottles, you can no beat the heat and keep yourself relaxed with cold beverages for upto 30 hours. 

3) Social Detox

This is a no-brainer. All your apps are filled with depressing news around the country and desperate calls for help. While it is important to help out in every way you can, it is all important to cut-off for a few hours to avoid over intake of information that can be extremely overwhelming for one and all. Take a daily detox from all phone and take up a hobby instead.

4) Connect with others

Reached out to friends and family and occasionally check on them. They are dealing and trying to cope with everything that you are too. It is important to stay in touch in these unprecedented times and lend a helping hand here and there whenever possible. This will make you and your friends and family comforted and a reason to smile. 

5) Maintain a healthy routine

Keep your health in check. Maintain a work out routine to release those endorphins and indulge in some clean eating. Keep yourself fit and active that will help you gain a stable mind.