Dehydration Could Affect Your Mental Health - Find Out How

Not a lot of people are aware about the fact that there is a direct relation between dehydration and depression. Dehydration stimulates anxiety, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. Symptoms of depression include: Irritability, anxiety, fatigue, loss of sleep and appetite. It might become severe if not diagnosed in the early stages. But how is dehydration linked to depression?

1) Dehydration reduces energy levels

Drinking less water can reduce the production of energy in your brain. Most of the functions need your brain to be active and energized however with less energy, your body will automatically shut down. You will feel tired and lethargic even after doing nothing. Thus, drinking water is of extreme importance to ensure a productive and a fast brain.

2) Dehydration stimulates Panic Attacks

Dehydration is one of the main triggers of a panic attack. Symptoms like headache, dizziness and increased heart rate can be lessened by drinking sufficient water. Water maintains your body levels and reduces tension. It makes you feel calmer and more content.

3) Dehydration makes you ‘less’ happy

Dehydration obstructs the production of serotonin. Also known as the ‘happy chemical’, it explodes feelings of happiness and joy. One of the main reasons for depression is less serotonin levels. Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water can maintain the serotonin level in the body ensuring you are happy and positive most of the times!

4) Dehydration causes stress

When you’re stressed, your adrenal glands secrete cortisol – the stress hormone. Your adrenal gland also produces aldosterone, a hormone that regulates the fluids in your body. Under severe stress, the functioning of aldosterone is hampered thus leading to dehydration. Having sufficient water, can ensure smooth functioning of aldosterone and thus reducing the production of cortisol leading to less stress.


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Very surprising right? Something as common and normal as drinking water if not practiced seriously can lead to chronic issues like depression and anxiety. By drinking adequate water, you are, if not wholly but partially helping yourself in several ways. All your moods and emotions are directly in relation to your brain which majorly only works on water. Approximately, 70% of our body is water therefore its high time we stop taking our body for granted and pay it equal attention for a healthy and happy life.