Your Easiest Guide on How to Go Sustainable with Root7 India


We all read a lot about plastic pollution but what do we actually do to eliminate single-use plastic? What is the effort that we put in to go plastic-free? The answer is close to zero. Reason being that for most us the term conscious living or sustainability can be very daunting. But truth be told, simple easy changes in your daily lifestyle can make a big impact for the betterment of the environment. 

#Switchitup is Root7 India’s aim to educate people on the adverse effects of plastic usage and how just ONE sustainable reusable bottle can do good to the environment. Despite the knowledge available on the web-domain, we believe there is a gap in implementing a basic routine that includes going plastic-free with the easiest of switches and substitutes. 

It is an effort to recognize individuals and brands alike who are consistently fighting for a greener planet and their battle against plastic-pollution.  As a brand Root7 India is trying to make an impact in its own little way by raising awareness about this problem and the importance of sustainability.  

Did you know that plastic bottles take over 500 years to decompose and that switching to a reusable stainless steel water bottle can be the easiest switch. It can replace as many as 1104 plastic bottles a year per person. 

Root 7 India’s brand initiative is also to work towards a greener planet. We plant a tree for every bottle we sell. Our goal is to plant at least 1,00,000 trees. 

Just by being more aware of your surroundings you can make a conscious effort. Don’t purchase what you don’t need. Put the switches off when not in use. Try walking the distance and avoid the usage of vehicles wherever possible. It is not as difficult as it may sound.

The one thing that we all have in common is our planet, our environment. Only we can protect it, preserve it, in the smallest way possible. So lets hope to work towards it and make it a greener planet.