Did you know that only these many bottles of water are enough to keep you hydrated?

How much water in enough water? How many bottles of hot water or cold water should I drink? How many glasses of water or thermos water bottles will keep me hydrated? How much water is enough for glowing skin? These are the questions that most of us are looking for answers on a daily basis.

For the longest of time, most of us have been believing tonnes of myths that surround hydration and the accurate intake of water on a daily basis for a healthy lifestyle. Root7 India is here to answer all your questions when it comes to a precise amount of water that should be consumed.

Studies have shown that a good intake of fluid measures between 2 litres – 2.5 liters. That means 4 – 5 refills of your Root7 India water bottles. However, what many fail to gather is that these 2 litre liquids can include other beverages such as tea, coffee, infused water, as well as juices that are also hydrating components. We are constantly losing water from our body through sweat, urination, and even breathing for that matter. It is imperative to replenish this water content to avoid dehydration at all costs.

Having said that, water intake also depends a lot on your lifestyle and where you stay. If your lifestyle includes excessive sweating and working out – you could require a lot more water than just 2 litres to replenish this water loss. Additionally, if you live in hot and dry environment and often exposed to the atmosphere outdoor, you would need to increase your consumption of water. Apart from the usual 2 litre of water intake, it is important to also determine that you are consuming enough water to balance this loss because over-hydration too can affect your healthy adversely.

You will know that you are drinking ‘enough’ water when you rarely feel thirsty. Well duh! And also that your urine is colourless or light yellow. It is also a good idea to have some water before your meals. It is also imperative to drink some water from your dedicated gym water bottle before, during, and after your workout.


Drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated is just getting easier by the day. With options such as hot and cold water bottles, or triple insulated water bottles, and even stylish water bottles, you can just keep sipping in style while on the go.