A Healthy Routine Means A Beautiful You - Find Out What You Can Do

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’-well in your life, YOU should be the beholder. You should be the dictator of your life. The day you start seeing yourself for the way you are, you’ll automatically feel beautiful and so will others.

The journey of beauty starts from within. Real beauty can be achieved only when you keep yourself healthy and fit.  Change few things in your lifestyle and see the difference it brings.

Cut down on oily food

 We all know how tempting samosas are but is it good for your health, your skin? Intake of oily food may lead to bloating, diarrhea, diabetes and obesity. It may also aggravate acne. One should know to consume it in limit, where you are not just fulfilling your cravings but also taking care of your body.

Be hydrated

Drinking sufficient water is the best way to stay healthy. Not just that, drinking water has beauty benefits too. Who doesn’t want a clear skin? It detoxifies your skin and removes impurities which helps in reducing acne and blemishes on the body. Stay hydrated with our stainless steel water bottle from Root7.


Beauty runs much deeper than the skin. Meditating daily will help your mind to be free from negativity and toxicity. It will help you attain peace with yourself and your surroundings. This is the beauty that truly matters.

Exercising daily

Any form of exercise is good for your body. It helps your joints and also helps you maintain a good physique. It aids in building stamina and strength which will definitely have its perks when you turn old. However, exercising daily to reduce weight doesn’t mean one overworks and puts their health at risk. Working out for merely losing few kgs will do more harm than good and is not the right way.

Its high time we stop referring beauty to appearances. Once you start looking beyond looks and focus on beautifying your mind and health too, you will automatically see the difference as the ‘real’ beauty will then shine and attract just positivity. That being said, intake of correct food is also equally important to be healthy.  The beauty of your soul inside you is what that makes you.