Long Work From Home Hours? Here's How To Quickly Destress

With most of us working from home for majority of 2020, going back to office might seem tiresome especially when it’s a 9-5 desk job. Work can get super monotonous at times and it is hard to stay active and motivated all the time. To energize your body and reduce anxiety and sluggishness, here are few ways to de-stress at your workplace.

Decorate your workspace

Decorate your workspace with small desk plants and motivational quotes. This will energize and make you calmer. Organize your stationery and documents the way you like so that it is easier for you to make yourself home.

Go for a walk

One of the most effective ways to de-stress at work would be to take a walk and revive yourself. By doing this, your brain will release endorphins which will reduce anxiety and increase energy levels.

Prioritize your work for the day

Make a checklist- an action plan to keep you on track and motivated for the day. By doing this, your work will not be over the place and you will be able to fit your personal commitments accordingly.

Take a power nap

To ensure maximum efficiency, it is important to have sufficient sleep. If for some reason, you are sleepy and lazy during work, take a quick power nap for 10-15mins. This will stimulate your brain cells you and make you more productive and operative. If your firm does not have a nap room, you can always go the breakroom or your car to take a quick nap.

Stay hydrated

It is important to stay hydrated to ensure your brain is alert and functioning which then provides ideal conditions for creative thinking and solutions. Stay hydrated with our Root7 water bottle which is a perfect companion to your work. Its chic exterior will also complement and add touch to your work table.

Listen to Music

Music can lift anyone’s spirits and fuel them up to be efficient and cheerful and thus make them enjoy what they are doing. Put on some music and groove to it while you finish your work whilst being active.

Talk it out to your colleagues

No one but your work colleagues will understand your work stress so the best solution is to talk to them and gain their perspective on your problem. This might make your work easier and decrease the work pressure.

We hope the following points help you in being more efficient. No matter what you are doing, there will be days you won’t feel like doing anything and that’s normal. These simple ways (given above) will make work more enjoyable and productive.