5 Ideal Gift Ideas To Give Your Loved One This Valentine

Are you confused on what to give your loved one, this valentine? Don’t worry as we have you covered. We have listed ideal gift ideas based on the interests of your partner.

1)The hopeless romantic

For your simp-like partner, what’s better than going the traditional way of writing letters and making collages? Who doesn’t like a pure declaration of love? A collage of all the precious memories with a message for each attached to balloons/flowers. This will surely make him/her the most special person in the room. Our favourite is The Supple Room for stationary and letterheads that are supremely romantic.


2)The music-lover

A personalized playlist of all your partner’s favorite songs and songs which have special memories attached to it will take your partner down the memory lane.  Not just that, you can also make a customized Spotify glass slab with barcode which upon scanning can directly take you to the playlist. Our pick is Art of Loving for all your customized dose of love. 


3) The binge watcher

A customized gift of your partner’s favorite show will definitely crack them up and make them feel special. In case, they like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you can have letters which start with ‘The One...’ with FRIENDS themed gifts. Similarly, if they like thriller movies, you can arrange a themed treasure hunt to make the evening fun and full of surprises. The Souled Store has got you covered with merchandise from all your favourite shows and movies. 

4) Gym and health freak

A chic and stylish stainless steel water bottle will be the best companion for your partner. They are not just fashionable but also sustainable and feasible. Inside the bottle, you can place a letter wherein you express your love for them. Check out Root7’s collection of bottles which are sure to grab some attention and will also help you stay hydrated

5)The bookworm

A signed copy and hardcover of their favorite book or a journal with a customized keychain and chocolates will make them the happiest. Moreover, you can also decorate their room with their favorite quotes from different books and movies and have a candle-lit dinner. We love Crossword's valentine special. 

Valentine’s day is all about expressing love and making your partner feel special. A little bit of personalization will make them feel loved and known. Try out these methods and we assure you, your partner will have the best day ever!