4 Ways to Elevate your Everyday Look :

Putting together an outfit is something that can be learned. But just putting two pieces of clothes to look fashionable isn't enough sometimes. At times, you might need a little pick-me-up even when you are wearing the most basic outfits. What would you do then? Accessorizing your outfit then becomes your go to solution. There are several other ways to accessorize your outfit to elevate up your whole look and we're here to tell you all about it.

1. Adding some luxurious jewellery: 

    Plugging in some luxurious fine jewellery to your basic outfits can seriously be a major game changer. Stac’s jewellery can be fun, affordable and part of your everyday. They are crafted in 18kt gold and diamonds, their pieces are luxurious yet light, hassle-free and easy to wear. Stac’s pieces can go from the breakfast table to the dance floor, from your office wardrobe to your Indian wear, from a simple look to an elevated and stylish look! The versatility of Stac is what sets it apart - they are here to complement your style, not define it!

    2. Amp it up with a scarf:   


      Be it a long or a small one, a scarf is always a good pick to accessorize your outfit. You can invest in a few solid-coloured ones or some multi-coloured ones, based on the outfits you have. They are efficient to protect you from the sun in the summers and the cold in the winters, they're quite convenient too. It's quite a win-win situation with scarves.

      3. Sling Bag to your Rescue:     


        Oh, the terror of not having space in a wallet! Women, always have a plenty of things to carry, and so, a sling bag can work wonders. You can invest in a stylish piece that is also a classic one which works with almost all outfit. This way, you can accessorize your outfit perfectly and also store in more things without compromising on your style.

        4. A Stylish Water Bottle:    

          Do you carry your insulated water bottle everywhere? Why not switch to one which is stylish and insulated as well? Root7 bottles enable you to consume your liquids at the temperature you want without the hassle of leakage & condensation. You can also personalise them, to make them truly yours!